The next scheduled meeting is at First Congregational Church, 1300 Polk Street, San Francisco at the corner of Polk and Bush streets.

Lower Polk Neighbors meets regularly at 7:00pm on the second wednesday of each month.


Fern Alley Farmer's Market returns Saturday, May 11

The Fern Alley Farmer's Market is back! The first Market will be on Saturday, May 11, and every Saturday after that until Oct 26th.

The hours are 10am to 2pm.

Download the flier here

2013 Participatory budget voting starts sunday

Hi District 3 residents and leaders,

We're excited to announce that District 3 participatory budgeting voting starts this Sunday!

The kickoff event will be:

Sunday, 3/24 at 10am
Chinese for Affirmative Action
17 Walter Lum Place

At the kickoff, we will have a short program for media describing what participatory budgeting is and how residents can vote, followed by the actual voting.

I hope you can all make it out on Sunday to help us build the momentum for the rest of the week, but in case you can't make it, voting continues for the whole week at different locations in the district as well as City Hall. The fliers on the voting schedule and the ballots with the projects to be voted on are attached in this email.

Please help us get the word out by sending your neighbors this information and encouraging them to get out and vote! And let me know if you could also pick up fliers to pass out at neighborhood events and meetings.

Ballot: English or Chinese

Informational Flier: English or Chinese

Response to Vice Magazine's Article

Vice Magazine recently published a controvertial piece called Social Work in the Tenderloin will Kill Something Inside of You.

Dregs One, a local musician, gives another perspective on the tenderloin with this blog response. He talks so well about huge variety of good hearts who live there.

David Chiu Begins 2nd Term with Area Meeting

The following is from The Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association's Winter 2013 Newsletter

David Chiu

District 3 Supervisor David Chiu began his second term as the Barbary Coast's [ed: District Three] City Hall representative (as well as another stint as President of the Board) with a Neighborhood Leaders Meeting on Jan. 9 at City Hall.

At the meeting, Chiu gave an overview of District 3 Issues, which included:

  • Development & Planning Projects: 8 Washington, CPMC Hospital, 1600 Larkin church -onversion
  • Public Safety & Homeless especially along Polk, Union Square, Nob Hill and -roadway Corridor
  • Playgrounds: Joe DiMaggio, Waterfront, Chinatown [ed: plus NONE in Lower Polk]
  • Green projects: community gardens, trees
  • Seismic safety: legislation introduced
  • Online B&Bs
  • Vacant storefronts
  • America's Cup
  • Participatory budgeting

More than 30 district leaders representing many neighborhood constituencies then offered an additional list of neighborhood issues and concerns. They included:

  • Congestion toll legislation has returned and will need community input
  • Cell phone towers proposed on Russian Hill (no citywide plan)
  • Legislation proposed by Mayor to help move the 8 Washington development along
  • Zoning and conditional use abuse
  • Crime [ed: and noise] and quality of life issues in major tourist areas (Broadway -orridor, Polk St. bars)
  • Central Subway
  • Improving services for seniors and families with children
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Parklets, trees, street lighting, signage improvement
  • Working with the Port on public access issues, policies

"David Chiu's philosophy and function as our supervisor is on improving neighborhoods and quality of life for District 3 constituents," said BCNA Vice President Diana Taylor.

"He is mission-driven and action-oriented with a focus of moving policy to action." These same themes were also reflected in the neighborhood leader's bullet-point list of issues.

In addition to this meeting, Chiu also held a Participatory Budgeting Community Session on Jan. 26 and a meeting concerning a Community Benefits District for Broadway on Jan. 30.

Warning from SFPD

From SFPD:

At yesterday's Police Forum meeting, Captain Garrity of Tenderloin Police Station alerted us (The Castro St. 'stop the violence' project) to a series of incidents occurring at Bank of America's ATMs where unsuspecting victims are walking away with their cash and cards, but are not responding to a final prompt on the ATM asking if they would like another transaction. This allows watching criminals to slip in, respond YES, then withdraw on the victim's account without re-entering the account password.

Tenderloin Station has a number of victims of this type of crime at the Market and Powell BofA ATMs, and this may be the case at other ATMs around the city. Apparently some ATMs do require the re-entry of the password, but some do not.

PLEASE just be sure any ATM you use has returned to the original welcome screen and that you have your cash and card before leaving any machine. If you observe suspicious people hanging around external ATMs or in ATM vestibules consider using an alternative location! If you do become a victim of this type of crime please file a report with SFPD immediately. It's the best way to insure you will have your money refunded to you and we can catch these guys.

MTA Survey Online

Message from MTA: Online Survey - Available until December 28. We want to know what you think about our Polk Street proposals! Please take some time to review the Polk Street Overview and Design Alternatives (pdf), and then complete our Polk Street Preferred Alternatives Survey (surveymonkey). The survey takes around 20 minutes to complete and includes the proposed designs featured at the December community meetings.This project seeks to implement aesthetic and safety improvements for all users of Polk Street between McAllister and Union Streets. In accordance with the City's Transit First policy, improvements will primarily be focused on people who walk, use transit and ride a bicycle along Polk Street. The project is funded by Proposition B General Obligation Bonds.Complete info and survey can be found by following this link:

New study from San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association

This analysis only considers part of the picture: whether housing will be safe to occupy considering earthquake damage to structures. It does not consider other damage or cascading consequences, such as damage to utilities or structural damage from fires following the earthquake. The factors that contribute to whether residents choose to stay or leave after a disaster are complex, and the structural safety of residences is only one piece of information, albeit an important one. This should be kept in mind while reviewing the following figures, which only represent that one piece. The analysis makes clear that housing in every San Francisco neighborhood would be damaged heavily by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake.

Read SPUR's recently published report by clicking the link below:

New study from Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety

Time is of the essence in preparing for earthquakes in San Francisco. A significant Bay Area earthquake two to three times as strong as the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake is likely to occur within the next thirty years. And after that earthquake, another earthquake will be looming on the horizon. San Francisco will suffer terribly from these coming earthquakes, primarily due to the collapse or extensive damage to many buildings that were built before building codes contained modern earthquake design requirements. The suffering will not be limited to loss of life and injuries, but to dramatic losses of affordable housing, character defining buildings, business, tourism, and much more. Demographics will shift. Resources will run out. Public confidence in government will be shaken, as San Franciscans question why the codes and standards necessary to protect their homes and their community were not in place. In even a moderate earthquake, San Francisco will be terribly impacted. These impacts have been confirmed by the extensive studies performed under the Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety (CAPSS) program.

Read CAPSS' recently published report by clicking the link below (please be patient this PDF report takes up to 50 seconds to open)

Modified Response Pilot Program in Queens to Improve Safety

If the New York City Fire Department can do it, why can't the San Francisco Fire Department?

New Yahoo Group

We have a new communication tool and you can now through yahoo groups get access to this LPN utility.

What is it and what is it good for?

It can be seen as an extension of our LPN website with the added function for members to be able to post information / files / pictures for other members to see and respond to. This can be helpful when a member has a presentation/response /issue that is more suitable to present in writing (versus verbally at a meeting) due to complexity, time restrains etc.

How does it work?

When a member post a message / upload a file / picture (a file can f. ex. be a powerpoint presentation) all members will receive an automated e-mail with the forwarded new message or the information that a new file / picture is uploaded and available . Members can also go to the actual site and check for updates. A link will always be available on our LPN website for easy access. It's safe and trustable, hosted by yahoo and it's hassle-free to unsubscribe and leave this utility at any time. To learn more or join please visit: